ICT Solutions

We have close association with our IT strategic partners in Singapore, China, Sri Lanka, and India. These companies include Yon You, Weebo, ST Electronics, ST Engineering, IExceed, MicroImange to name a few.

Through our sister company in Brunei Darussalam, where our CEO is also our sister companies' Group Chairman, KMAS Management Sdn Bhd had successfully completed several IT related projects for government ministries, government-linked companies, Islamic banks, and companies in the private sectors. Some of the key projects include Human Capital Management solution, Electronic Library and Storage, Interactive Electronic Books, Banks Data Migration, Bank System Upgrade, ERP-related modules, Web Designs and Development, Mobile Application and Radio Automation Solution.

Through another of our sister company, KMAS Xpedia Sdn Bhd, we developed our own IT products namely Ezi-Learn (ezi-learn.com) which is a content delivery for students by teachers with quizzes and forums. Similarly our own Learning Management System designed for schools, colleges, and training institutes to make coaching, teaching, mentoring and learning easy and more interactive.

Strategic Partners